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Pop Throwback Sea Foam Standup Paddleboard



The POP 11’6″ Throwback is built for speed, stability, and distance. Whether you are looking for an endurance board to push your limits or something for the small and fun waves at the beach. Designed with single-to-double concave, rolled rails, rounded tail and a Futures 2+1 Fin system—this surprisingly lightweight paddleboard encourages exploration.

The 11’6 Throwback features a Futures 2+1 thruster fin system. You can spend less time tuning your board and more time on the water, riding the 11’6 your way. Using a single fin will increase flat water maneuverability and performance, while a 3-fin setup will offer more stability and thrust while paddle-surfing.

POP Paddleboards’ 360° diamond traction connects riders to their paddleboards with and ultra-tacky grip that’s firm and forgiving. There’s no blaming your next wipeout on traction-pad-slippage with POP’s diamond 360° traction pad.

POP uses a one-way vent plug to release heat pressure buildup from the inside of our boards, without letting water in. The materials used in making most paddleboards can expand when exposed to high heat for extended periods of time. This can cause internal warping of the foam core and fiber glass, causing delaminating between the bonding layers of the board. For best results loosen the vent plug when racking your board on a hot day or setting it dockside under the hot sun.

How do you make something that weighs 25lbs feel like 5lbs? Put a good handle on it.
POP SUP boards feature our very own ergonomically recessed handles with ribbed finger grips for extra carrying comfort. We carefully position the handles on the center of our boards to give riders optimal balance, making our boards feel weightless carrying them to and from the water.

Length 11’6″
Width 32 1/2″
Thickness 4 3/4″
Volume 210 Liters
Weight 27 Pounds





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