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Pop Paddleboard Leash
leashes save lives



SUP leash from POP Paddleboards. This ultra comfy leash will ensure that your board is always within reach during the most rigorous and relaxing of sessions.

The POP Paddleboard Leash is 10’ of straight cord between the coil and rail saver to eliminate drag, and comes with a full 2” pressure relief Ankle Cuff or Calf Cuff, double SS swivels, and a large release tab!  Just strap one end to the tail slot of your board and the other to your ankle, and you’re ready to have an awesome time on the water.

Aside from keeping your board close, our SUP leash will help prevent your paddle board from coming loose and causing bodily harm to others, especially during paddle surfing. Everyone just wants to have a great time.

POP SUP leashes are made to assist your surfing and paddling activities they are not to be confused with the experience of the paddlers or the skills needed to deal with different water conditions in the ocean, lakes, rivers and any other body of water you may encounter or as a substitute for your abilities.

All board sales need to be accompanied by the purchase of a leash. (some exceptions may apply.)






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